The ESO 2016 Dragon Con Khan Report Episode 3


March 26th, 2016

2 hrs 6 mins 40 secs

Season 5

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The ESO 2016 Dragon Con Khan Report Ep 3

We are past the half-way point and Dragon Con is now less than six months away! Mike, Mike, Darren, MaryLouWho, and Dakoma Sanchez provide the latest news, including the announcement of the con’s new partnership! Also, Eternal Zan reports on the Hilton and Kevin Bachelor and Michelle Biddix-Simmons return with some helpful info. Plus, Media Relations Director Dan Carroll gives us a glimpse of the party to come as Dragon Con turns 30!

Table of Contents

0:00:00 Show Open, Dragon Con 2016, Momo Con & Dragon Con Merger, Religious Liberty Bill, Guest List

0:48:23 Eternal Zan – The Atlanta Hilton

1:03:11 Dragon Con Newbies

1:23:16 Drop By Dragon Con w/ Michelle

1:39:02 Dan Carroll, Dragon Con Media Director

2:01:27 Show Close

DragonCon Newbies
Geek Behind The Lens
DragonCon Hotel Connections
DragonCon Get Me There
Drop By DragonCon
Lady Helhath on Facebook
GA “Religious Liberty” bill
Official Dragon Con statement
Dragon Con Volunteer Info
Dragon Con Superheroes
Dragon Con & Momo Con Partnership Press Release
Hilton Atlanta, this month’s featured host hotel.
Trader Vics – Home of the famous Mai Tai!
Want to get your non-refundable deposit back for a Dragon Con room? Here is a huge list of people happy to help you. Read the Pinned Post for TONS of helpful info.
Has a list of all the Dragon Con hotel/rooms communities including those not on Facebook
Official hotel info

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