The ESO 2016 Dragon Con Khan Report Episode 4


May 1st, 2016

2 hrs 19 mins 45 secs

Season 5

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About this Episode

The ESO 2016 Dragon Con Khan Report Ep 4

This April we were showered with Dragon Con news! Mike, Mike, Darren, and MaryLouWho report on the details, including this year’s new space allocations. Plus, segments from Michelle Biddix-Simmons, Kevin Bachelder, and Eternal Zan as well as a special interview with “4 Days of Dragon Con” director, Jack Walsh.

Table of Contents

0:00:00 Show Open, Dragon Con 2016, Guest List, Liberty Bill Update, and New Locations in Dragon Con

0:35:48 Drop By Dragon Con w/ Michelle

0:55:28 Eternal Zan – The Atlanta Hilton

1:15:12 Dragon Con Newbies

1:35:16 Nikki Rau-Baker – Geek Behind the Lens

1:55:11 Jack Walsh – 4 Days at Dragon Con

2:15:16 Show Close

DragonCon Newbies
Geek Behind The Lens
DragonCon Hotel Connections
DragonCon Get Me There
Drop By DragonCon
Lady Helhath on Facebook
GA “Religious Liberty” bill
Official Dragon Con statement
Dragon Con Volunteer Info
Has a list of all the Dragon Con hotel/rooms communities including those not on Facebook
Official hotel info
PBA 30 “4 Days of Dragon Con”
Scene Missing and Song Missing
ACSS – Official Charity
Dragon Con Superheroes Team Walk
Dragon Awards

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