Darren Nowell has been attending sci-fi/comic conventions since 1986. Comics, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Cosplay, and Con Parties are his specialties. He attends DragonCon as a paying member in order to give a perspective on the con from someone who is able to say “Was this worth the price I paid this year?” If you are lucky, you will find him at DragonCon in his crossplay Wonder Woman or at the Spectrum party which celebrates LGBTQ+ attendees of the con. He co-hosts a podcast called “The Legion of Substitute Podcasters” which celebrates the DC Comic heroes of the Legion of Super-Heroes at http://paulfrench.ca/losp/ and is a sometimes special guest star of the Earth Station One podcast talking about films that have an LGBTQ+ bent to them.

Darren Nowell has hosted 70 Episodes.