Episode 202405

The 2024 Dragon Con Report Episode 5


May 27th, 2024

1 hr 23 mins

Season 13

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About this Episode

This month on the Dragon Con Report, we get a taste of what AmericasMart is like from the perspective of folks set up in the Comics and Pop Artist Alley on the 4th Floor. Our very own Mike Gordon has been setting up there for years and we're also joined by artist & writer Greg Burnham to discuss their experiences as a vendor at con.

AmericasMart, a key location within Dragon Con, becomes a bustling hub of activity during con. To give us an insider’s perspective, we have our very own Mike Gordon, a veteran vendor with years of experience setting up his booth and engaging with the con-goers. Mike shares his insights into the dynamic environment, the challenges and rewards of being a vendor, and the evolution of the artist alley over the years.

Joining Mike is the talented artist and writer, Greg Burnham, known for his distinctive artwork and engaging storytelling. Greg provides a fresh viewpoint on what it’s like to present and sell art in such a lively and competitive setting. Both Mike and Greg discuss the importance of networking with fellow artists, connecting with fans, and the overall impact of Dragon Con on their professional careers. They also offer tips and anecdotes about the preparation and effort that goes into making a successful appearance at the con.

Plus, we catch up on some of the latest con news on this month's edition of the Dragon Con Report!

The Dragon Con Report is a part of the ESO Podcast Network, Producer Jen “Lil’ Bit” Schleusner, Executive Producer Mike Faber.

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